I found Christ here. I was taught about God, Jesus Christ my savior, and the Holy Spirit. This is where I was forgiven for my sins and where I learned to forgive. I know love. I am loved. I love.

Jesse Garland

A home away from home.I was there the day the church first opened in a small store front my heart is saddened by the loss of a great teacher and educator my heart pores out to the family friends and members.I will never forget what the late pastor taught me about the power of God he sat me on the path of everlasting life I will always be thankful.he was a man of vision compassion stearn but fair his message in Jan 1985 changed my life. 'Re blueprint of life'. I live by those words still today thank you pastor for giving me something I thought I never had a right to the tree of LIFE rest well we will b together again. Rev Kenneth marion

Kenneth Marion

Very friendly and you get the word.

Rickey Price

My Church, great Pastor,Great Teaching and learning in house and online. Very friendly members

Ruth Jackson

My family and I have been members since November 1990. A wonderful place of worship and fellowship . Please feel free to visit at anytime.

Maritza Parker

This Church is huge, clean and it's beautiful, with welcoming, kind people. The Pastor and his family are great beautiful people as well. The Pastor preaches extremely well.

Mersina Holibaugh